Skylanders MN068-366 Toy – Board Game – – Monopoly in my opinion

A week ago. I search for information on the Skylanders MN068-366 Toy – Board Game – – Monopoly, so i would like to bring a story to tell.

Skylanders MN068-366 Toy - Board Game

Skylanders MN068-366 Toy – Board Game – – Monopoly

Skylanders MN068-366 Toy – Board Game – – MonopolyIn the Skylanders edition of MONOPOLY you can now by sell and trade 22 newly discovered locations in Skylands You can be a chompy a sheep or even Kaos as you take a ride on Flynn’s Blimp Tours or The Molekin Mine Train. Work your way around the board as you battle over Thumpback’s Thundering Tide Pool Chop Chop’s Boneyard or Hot Dog’s Lemonade Stand on your quest to own it all Includes 6 custom tokens Kaos Swords Cannon Sheep Pirate Ship and Chompy Kaos 28 Title Deed cards 16 LUCK-O-TRON cards 16 TREASURE CHEST cards 2 dice 32 Huts (Houses) 12 Castles (Hotels) 1 Pack of Custom Skylands Money AGES 8 2-6 players Read more

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